Big Performance Capability Comes In Small Packages at Western Slope Auto

2014 Ford Focus ST

The 2014 Ford Focus ST is one of the quickest hatchbacks on the road today.

2014 Ford Focus ST, 2014 Ford Fiesta ST

If you are in the market for a high-performance car there are several options available from Ford Motor Company and Western Slope Auto. Certainly, a brief word association of “Ford” and “performance” will illicit more than a few responses of “Mustang.” While the Ford Mustang’s contributions to the performance car legacy is unmatched, there are a couple of other options that are a little more budget friendly while delivering among the best numbers performance drivers could ask for. The 2014 Ford Focus ST and the newly introduced 2014 Ford Fiesta ST are both very affordable cars with high ratios of horsepower to curb weight as well as the sport tuned suspension to match. Read the rest of this entry >>

Ford Developing Interstellar Technology To Make Roads Safer

Ford safety technology

The same technology that allows satellites to communicate with one another over long distances may help keep our roads safer.

Ford Safety Technology

The United States’ space program has given us an untold number of wonderful things that make our everyday life incredibly more convenient. Our pursuit of being among the stars has given us such wonderful things like Velcro, nylon and freeze-dried food. Even though our NASA program isn’t doing shuttle launches anymore that doesn’t mean we can’t still benefit from the incredible technology that has been developed since the previous one we mentioned. It is still incredibly expensive to build and launch satellites into space. So to have the ability to have those satellites talk to one another to avoid crashes is something worth investing in. Currently, Ford Motor Company is research ways to use this existing technology for future use in our cars to make driving safer. Read the rest of this entry >>

Lincoln To Show Black Label Isn’t Just For Happy Hour

lincoln mkz black label

The Lincoln Black Label edition will feature very stylized interiors.

Lincoln MKZ Black Label

Since its re-launch back in December 2012, the Lincoln Motor Company has kept the rest of the luxury car industry in their sights. The likes of Mercedes-Benz and BMW will be getting some stiffer competition once the Lincoln ultra-premium trim, called Black Label starts to hit dealerships like Western Slope Auto. At a recent automotive showcase held in Pebble Beach, CA, Lincoln showed off an example of the Lincoln MKZ Black Label to a large crowd taking in offering from many other luxury automakers. While the results have yet to bear fruit, there is something certainly to look forward to when it comes to the future of Lincoln vehicles. Read the rest of this entry >>

Circulating Facebook Myth Busted By Western Slope Auto

facebook post about cloning keyless remotes

You have little to fear from people trying to steal your key fob signal.

Facebook post about cloning key fobs

Those of us who work on the Western Slope Auto Blog, we really like the internet and social media in general. Because if we didn’t, we would have to find new jobs. The internet and social media are excellent places to find new information or confirm hypotheses about almost any subject under the sun. The free and open exchange of information is what the best parts of the internet and social media are all about. Unfortunately, the internet also has a seedy underbelly that involves spreading blatantly false information that does nothing more than foster an environment of needless panic. Recently, we came across a post on Facebook about car thieves cloning signals from keyless entry remotes and using it to steal cars. Read the rest of this entry >>

The Biggest Small Comparison at Western Slope Auto

Ford Focus vs. Ford Fiesta

The 2014 Ford Focus continues the car’s tradition of dispelling myths about compact cars.

Ford Focus vs. Ford Fiesta

Among the first steps of the process involved in choosing to purchase a new product, regardless of what it is, is the needs assessment phase. For many things this happens so easily that it almost occurs subconsciously. However, for big ticket items like cars, trucks and SUVs, you should work with a professional like the staff at Western Slope Auto to identify exactly what your needs are, that way we can work together to find the perfect vehicle for you and your family. For the sake of argument, let’s say we have determined that you are in the market for smaller sized car. Also, let’s assume that you are stuck between the Ford Focus vs. the Ford Fiesta. Where should you go from there? Read the rest of this entry >>

2014 F-150 Will Have Alternative Fuel Option

CNG-Powered F-150

Compressed Natural Gas could be the answer for large fleet management.

CNG-Powered F-150

One of the many reasons the Ford F-150 near Grand Junction, CO, available at Western Slope Auto, has been the bestselling vehicle in Ford’s lineup as well as the bestselling vehicle in North America for over 30 years is because of attention to the needs of consumers. Pickup truck owners may be among the most brand loyal buyers in the automotive world, they also are not shy about letting companies know when a truck no longer meets their needs. In these days of environmental consciousness and the potential for sky rocketing fuel prices, Ford Motor Company has responded to customer demand yet again with a compressed natural gas (CNG) version of the F-150. Soon you will be able to have a CNG-powered F-150 of your very own. Read the rest of this entry >>