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Truck Weekend in America Title and a Background of Sand and Gravel

What is the HISTORY Channel “Truck Weekend in America?”

With the legendary F-Series lineup of tough and highly-capable pickup trucks, Ford is the unquestionable truck leader in America. With this in mind, it’s perfectly fitting that Ford collaborated with the HISTORY Channel for “Truck Weekend in America,” which is a six-hour prime-time programming event that highlights Ford’s truck legacy. Read the rest of this entry >>

Production Worker Installing the Ford Badge on the Grille of a Ford F-150

See How a Ford F-150 is Built at a Manufacturing Facility

A great deal of effort goes into building the tough, durable, and highly-capable Ford F-150, as designers, engineers, plant workers, and advanced robotics work seamlessly together to produce this iconic pickup truck. Watch this video to see how the Ford F-150 is built at the Rouge Complex manufacturing facility, in which new truck rolls off the assembly line every 53 seconds. Read the rest of this entry >>

Aerial View of Red 2019 Ford F-150 Raptor Driving on a Country Road

How the 2019 Ford F-150 Raptor Trail Control Feature Works

The 2019 Ford F-150 Raptor — with its plethora of advanced off-road technologies — is a wonderful vehicle for heading out far into the wilderness. This includes the new Trail Control feature, which is like cruise control for off-road driving, with the system managing throttle and braking, enabling the driver to focus on steering while traversing challenging terrains. Watch this video to see how the new F-150 Raptor’s Trail Control feature works. Read the rest of this entry >>

Ford Worker Assembling a Ford Mustang with the EksoVest

Ford Uses Groundbreaking Exoskeleton Technology for Plant Workers

Manufacturing cars can very a very grueling job for automotive workers, especially for those who do repetitive heavy lifting during their shift. Ford, in their continuing effort to reduce the physical toll on employees during the vehicle assembly process, recently started providing groundbreaking exoskeleton technology for their plant employees. Read the rest of this entry >>

How to Make an Electic Motor Car Title

Learn How to Make Electric, Solar, and LED Light Cars

Ford is pushing the envelope for alternative energy vehicle technology with their groundbreaking electric and hybrid vehicles. A driving force behind this is to create eco-friendly cars that result in a sustainable future for today’s children. With this in mind, Ford created these videos to teach your kids how to make electric, solar, and LED light cars. Read the rest of this entry >>

White 2018 Ford Escape Driving Through a Park

Compare the Highly-Capable 2018 Ford Escape with the Competition

2018 Ford Escape vs Subaru Forester vs Hyundai Tucson vs Buick Envision 

The 2018 Ford Escape is a wonderful choice for the compact crossover segment, with its impressive performance, off-road capabilities, advanced technologies, and high-level utility. Take a look at these 2018 Ford Escape vs Subaru Forester vs Hyundai Tucson vs Buick Envision comparison videos to see how the new Escape stacks up against the competition. Read the rest of this entry >>