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2016 Ford Taurus in blue

What are the model options for the 2016 Ford Taurus?

2016 Ford Taurus Trim Options and Prices

The Ford Taurus has come a long way in recent years in the areas of design, performance, and technology. The newest Taurus, the 2016 model, features a sophisticated and refined look for both the interior and the exterior. The sedan also offers three powerful engines to choose from, sport-tuned suspension, and torque vectoring and curve control. Some standard technology features include easy access with push-button start, adaptive cruise control, collision warning, and navigation. The 2016 Taurus is an all-around well-equipped and stylish vehicle—but which trim most appeals to you? Continue reading for the 2016 Ford Taurus Model Options and Prices.

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The 2015 Ford Taurus isn’t your grandma’s car

2015 Ford Taurus Grand Junction CO

2015 Ford Taurus Grand Junction CO

Those of you thinking of the Ford Taurus may remember the “big butt” model of the early 2000s, but let me tell you, the new 2015 Ford Taurus Grand Junction CO is anything but. (Ha, get it?)

Anywho, the 2015 Ford Taurus Grand Junction CO is super sleek and refined to be sporty, fun and easy to drive. Those who want a new car for the new model year should seriously consider the 2015 Ford Taurus because it is extremely fuel efficient, it has tons of smart features and it is also very affordable. Three qualities you just can’t beat. Read the rest of this entry >>