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Ford Worker Assembling a Ford Mustang with the EksoVest

Ford Uses Groundbreaking Exoskeleton Technology for Plant Workers

Manufacturing cars can very a very grueling job for automotive workers, especially for those who do repetitive heavy lifting during their shift. Ford, in their continuing effort to reduce the physical toll on employees during the vehicle assembly process, recently started providing groundbreaking exoskeleton technology for their plant employees. Read the rest of this entry >>

Ford Unveils the Electronic Performance Drift Stick for the Focus RS

If you wanted to do drift racing in the past, you had to be skilled enough to operate a hydraulic handbrake. However, with the all-new Ford Performance Drift Stick — which is the world’s first electronically controlled handbrake — you can drift like a professional driver in the high-performance Ford Focus RS. Watch this video of rally car racer Ken Block showing the impressive capabilities of the new Drift Stick.   Read the rest of this entry >>

Ford Works on New Technology for Self-Driving Cars to Communicate with Pedestrians

Ford Autonomous Car Technology for Communicating with People 

In an exciting new partnership with the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, Ford is working on a new technology for autonomous cars to communicate with people. When giving the go-ahead for a pedestrian to cross the street in front of a car, a simple wave or head nod typically suffices, but with self-driving cars, the question of how to communicate this and other driving aspects to people arises. Ford and the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute are attempting to address this dilemma.   Read the rest of this entry >>