When does Colorado deer and moose hunting season start?

When does deer hunting season begin in Colorado?

Hunting season is right around the corner. Is your vehicle prepared for the woods?

When does Colorado deer and moose hunting season start? Deer, elk and moose hunting usually starts towards the end of the summer. Many local Colorado residents as well as a large number of tourists flock to Colorado for some of the best big game hunting in the U.S.

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As hunting season approaches, it’s a good idea to start planning for the hunt. Below are the dates for deer, elk and moose hunting dates in Colorado.

2015 Deer and Elk Season Dates

Archery: August 29 – September 27 (West of I-25 and Unit 140)
Muzzleloader (draw only): September 12 – 20
Rifle: Combined deer/elk (second season) October 17 – 25

2015 Moose Season Dates

Archery: September 12 – 27
Muzzleloader (draw only): September 12 – 20
Rifle: October 1 – 14

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