1913 Assembly Line

Check Out These Vintage Ford Assembly Line Pictures

Ford Assembly Line History in Vintage Pictures

The Ford Motor Company invented the moving assembly line under the leadership of the iconic Henry Ford. The assembly line started rolling for the first time on December 1st, 1913. The invention of the moving assembly line was a game-changer for the automotive industry. Vehicles were able to be built at a much faster rate, which directly drove prices down. This made automobiles more accessible to the general public. Western Slope Auto presents Ford Assembly Line History in Vintage Pictures to celebrate over 100 years of innovative vehicle production. Enjoy!


The First Moving Assembly Line in 19131913 – Ford Highland Park Plant- First Moving Assembly Line
1924 - The 10 Millionth Model T1924 – Ford Highland Park Plant – 10 Millionth Model T


Ford Plant in Dallas - 19361936 – Ford Plant – Canton St., Dallas, TX
Ford Assembly Line - 19411941 – Ford Assembly Line Body Installation
Mustang Assembly - 19691969 – Ford Boss 429 Mustang Assembly Line
Assembly - Final Line - 19751975 – Ford Dearborn Assembly Plant – Final Line

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