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Which Driver Assistance Features Are Available on New Ford Models?

Ford Driver Assistance Systems and Technologies

Auto manufacturers are taking vehicle safety to a whole new level with driver assistance system and technologies. These systems were developed to help reduce driver error on the road and decrease the number of accidents on the roadways. Nearly every major vehicle manufacturer has some sort of driver assistance system installed on higher trims of new models, and Ford—a shining example in vehicle innovation and safety—is certainly no exception. The Ford Driver Assistance Systems and Technologies that are available on new U.S. models are listed below.

Check out these vintage pictures of some of the first Ford assembly lines.

Accident Avoidance and Driver Assist Technologies

Adaptive Cruise Control: ACC helps drivers maintain a preset distance from the vehicle in front of them by using a radar module that measures the gap and closing speed to the vehicle ahead. The system automatically adjust the speed of the vehicle to maintain the present distance.Ford Taurus driving

Forward Collision Warning with Brake Support: Using the same radar module as ACC, this system activates a visual and audible warning when it detects a high risk of collision with a vehicle ahead. The brake system is modulated to provide faster brake activation if the driver fails to do so.  

Lane-Keeping System: This system is designed to warn drivers of unintentional lane departure via vibration on the steering wheel. A secondary system applies steering torque in the direction the driver needs to steer to keep the vehicle in the current lane.

Blind Spot Information System with Cross-Traffic Alert: BLIS uses rear corner-mounted, side- and rear-looking radar that detect surrounding vehicles and alert drivers of vehicles in their blind spot via a warning chime.

Active Park Assist: This system uses ultrasonic sensors to measure a parking spot and judge whether it is big enough for the vehicle. When a parking spot is found, the system will help steer the car into the parking space while the driver controls the shifting, accelerator, and brake.

Hill Start Assist: This system assists the driver when starting a vehicle on an incline by holding the brakes while the driver moves his/her foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal.

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