Ford Escape S vs SE vs Titanium

Ford Escape S vs SE vs Titanium

When you’re taking a look at new vehicles, there are a lot of factors you’re likely to be mulling over – chief among them, no doubt, are price, capability, and features. If you’ve settled on the compact crossover class, chances are you want something that’s both spacious and well-equipped, with that just-right, something-for-everyone size and price point. The Ford Escape is one of the forerunners in the compact crossover class, and that’s in part because of what an impressive array of options it offers you once you’ve decided to start taking a closer look at the model.

To that end, today we’ve got a trim level comparison for the 2016 Ford Escape that should help you determine which one is right for you and your particular needs and budget. The Ford Escape S vs SE vs Titanium, charted out below, should give you a great idea of how these models stack up in some of the most important areas to new car shoppers:
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Ford Escape trim comparison: Price

One of the key differences you’ll zero in on, of course, is price. The base model is naturally the cheapest, and as you move up through the trims you’ll gain more power behind the wheel and features inside the cabin as the price tag increases incrementally. What’s left up to you, then, is determining which features are most important to you.

2016 Ford escape color options
Red 2016 Ford Escape S

Ford Escape S vs SE vs Titanium: Features

For example, if AWD is a must-have for you – maybe it’s just how you’re most comfortable on winter roads – you’re going to rule out the S model right away for not having that option. If part of why you’re opting for a brand new car is that you really want to be at the cutting edge of today’s in-car technology, you might see the bump to Ford’s SYNC 3 system as reason to choose the Titanium.

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Ford Escape S vs SE vs Titanium: Powertrains

The engine also comes into play for many shoppers. If you’re not too power-hungry, the standard 2.5L I-4 on the S might do you just fun, but if you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated, the EcoBoost that comes standard on the SE and Titanium trims does an amazing job of upping the power without sacrificing efficiency. There’s also a 2.0-liter Ecoboost I-4 available in SE and Titanium for when you want even more get-up-and-go.

2016 Ford Escape with panoramic sunroof
2016 Ford escape infotainment center screen size

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