Ford F-Series Best Selling Truck

Ford F-Series named America’s Best Selling Truck for 40 consecutive years

It’s an exciting year for the Ford F-Series because 2017 marks 40 consecutive years as America’s best-selling truck and 35 years as the best-selling vehicle. More than 26 million Ford F-Series trucks have been sold since 1977. To celebrate, Ford is kicking off a yearlong celebration by highlighting F-Series owners and their most prized possessions – their trucks.

“What’s made the F-Series so successful is the Ford truck team’s ability to anticipate the needs of our customers better than anyone else – how those needs change, what’s most important, and what they need to move forward,” said Todd Eckert, Ford truck group marketing manager. “Their insights help us design, engineer and build America’s best-selling trucks.”

40 years F-Series

Ford F-Series: the Rise to the Top

Since January 1977, Ford has sold enough F-Series trucks to circle the globe more than three times. If all of these trucks were put bumper-to-bumper, the line would extend for more than 90,000 miles. Basically what we’re trying to say is that the Ford F-Series is truly a staple of the automotive market, and drivers looking for a powerful truck are sure to be impressed.

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Throughout the years, the Ford F-Series has changed and adapted to the needs and wants of drivers. It started out as a truck that was designed to do tough work such as haul livestock and large equipment. However, Ford realized that there were also drivers that wants a truck to do more recreational things such as camping and off-roading.

With this idea in mind, the Ford F-Series continued to evolve to offer drinks a variety of options depending on how they planned to use the vehicle. Luxury edition models were added to the lineup as well as top-of-the-line Platinum and Limited models that host features such as leather seating and premium sound systems.

This is a huge milestone for the Ford F-Series, but drivers shouldn’t expect the success to stop here. Be sure to stay tuned to our blog for more information regarding news and updates for the entire Ford lineup. Drivers interested in getting behind the wheel of this iconic truck can do so by scheduling a test drive online today.

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