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Ford Models Win 2018 Vincentric Best Fleet Value in America Award

Ford vehicles not only have a well-deserved reputation for innovation, quality, durability, and reliability, but also for offering tremendous value. These are qualities that are desirable for both individual owners and businesses with a fleet of vehicles, in which cost-effectiveness is essential over the long haul. Five Ford vehicles recently won the 2018 Vincentric Best Fleet Value in America award, which recognizes vehicles that provide the lowest cost of ownership for vocational and fleet customers.

White 2018 Ford Transit 150 Medium-roof Cargo Van Parked by a House Construction SiteWhat Ford vehicles won the Best Fleet Value in America award?

The Best Fleet Value in America awards are designated according to different vehicle classes. Ford earned honors in the pickup, sedan, and van categories. The winning Ford vehicles include the Taurus SE, F-150 XL, F-350 Super Duty XL, Transit XL low-roof passenger wagon, and Transit 150 XL low-roof passenger wagon. All of these vehicles are repeat winners, with this year marking the eighth time for the Taurus and sixth time for the F-150.

How the Best Fleet Value in America Awards are Determined

For the Vincentric Best Fleet Value in America awards, eighth different parameters are analyzed for their lifecycle costs. This includes fuel, depreciation, maintenance, repairs, financing, insurance, fees, and taxes. Vincentric measures these across 28 different ownership and mileage scenarios and chooses the winning vehicles with the lowest total lifecycle costs.

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Awards for 2018 Ford F-150

Ford is a critically acclaimed automotive company, with numerous recent awards. This is especially true for the 2018 Ford F-150, which won the prestigious 2018 Motor Trend Truck of the Year award while getting the recognition for being the “Favorite Vehicle for U.S. Military Service Members.”

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