how to adjust outside mirrors in 2016 Ford Explorer

How to adjust outside mirrors in 2016 Ford Explorer

One of the most important aspects for safe driving is making sure your mirrors are adjusted correctly. You want to move your rearview and outside mirrors in such a way so you can see as many of your vehicle’s surrounding as possible. When you learn how to adjust the outside mirrors in your 2016 Ford Explorer, you will be able to reduce your blind spots and take advantage of greater visibility.

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5 Steps to move your 2016 Explorer’s side-view mirrors

2016 Ford Explorer outside mirror buttons

  1. In order to adjust your outside mirrors, make sure your Explorer is in accessory mode or the engine is running.
  2. Use the top buttons (A & C) located on the driver’s side door armrest to choose which mirror you wish to move. The left mirror button (A) is for the driver’s side mirror, and the right mirror button (C) is for the passenger’s side mirror.
  3. Begin by choosing the driver’s side mirror. Once you push the respective button, use the circle-shaped button with arrows (B) to change the position of the mirror. If you lean your head to the left until it is almost touching the window, you should move the mirror so you can barely see the side of your Explorer. When you’re finished, press the left mirror control button again to turn the light off.
  4. Next, select the passenger’s side mirror. Again, use the button with arrows to move the mirror as you desire. If you lean your head to the right until it is above the center console, you should move the mirror so you can barely see the other side of the vehicle. When you’re done, press the right mirror control button again so the light turns off.
  5. When you sit upright in the driver’s seat, you should not be able to see the side if your Explorer in the outside mirrors. It might take some time to get used to the change, so pay special attention when you get back on the road.

If you have any questions or run into issues while adjusting your 2016 Ford Explorer outside mirrors, please feel free to contact our team at Western Slope Auto or get in touch with your local Ford dealer. We look forward to helping you in any way we can!

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