Hail Storm driving tips

How To: Drive in a Hail Storm

If you’ve ever gotten caught driving in a dangerous storm, then you know firsthand just how scary it can be. One way to decrease fear is to always be prepared, which is why our team here at Western Slope Auto is going to share a video sharing tips on what to do if you’re ever caught driving in a hail storm. Although it doesn’t happen too often here in Grand Junction, hail can come at any time regardless of where you are. Let’s highlight some ways to increase safety in the event of a hail storm.
Hail Storm Tips
There are a few main takeaways from the video that we’re going to share. We’re going to emphasize these tips below in case you don’t have time to watch the video:

  1. Stay inside your vehicle
  2. Pull over to a safe place
  3. Do not stop under an overpass
  4. Angle your vehicle
  5. Lie down on your stomach & cover up

Check out this video below. It does a great job going into detail on the tips we mentioned above and even gives additional advice on what to do after the storm.

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