Top 3 reasons to drive a new hybrid

2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid Grand Junction CO

2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid.

New Hybrid in Grand Junction, CO

When eco-friendly drivers start their search for a new vehicle they want to find one that matches their lifestyle but they also want to buy one that has all of the features and options they are looking for.  At Western Slope Auto, a Ford, Lincoln and Toyota dealership in Grand Junction, CO, we carry a large inventory of new Hybrids to help give consumers the option of finding the one that is perfect for them.  With three different vehicle manufacturers offering hybrids, customers can get exactly what they want in their new hybrid in Grand Junction, CO.  Still not sure if you want to buy a new hybrid?  Here is a list of the top 3 reasons to drive a new hybrid.

  1. 2014 Lincoln MKZ hybrid.

    2014 Lincoln MKZ hybrid.

    With such a diverse amount of hybrids to choose from at Western Slope Auto it’s easy to find a new hybrid in Grand Junction, CO that fits your lifestyle.  Drivers who require more interior passenger and cargo space can buy the roomy Ford C-Max Hybrid to fulfill all of their needs for a new car.  Drivers searching for a more luxurious hybrid can opt for the new 2014 Lincoln MKZ hybrid to get all of the comfort features they desire.

  2. You will tons of money on gas by getting a lot more miles per gallon out of your vehicle.  The amount of money you save on gas over the lifetime of the vehicle is a lot.  Many drivers averaging around 1,000 miles per month save on average about $750 a year on gas expenses.
  3. You will be doing your part in helping to protect the environment.  A new hybrid in Grand Junction, CO like the 2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid or Toyota Prius, not only uses less gas but they also produce fewer emissions compared to the average vehicle.
2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid in Grand Junction CO

2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid

At Western Slope Auto we carry a wide selection of new hybrids so chances are that we will have what you want.  Stop down and check out our inventory of Ford Hybrids, Toyota Hybrids and Lincoln Hybrids in Grand Junctions, CO to see which one is right for you.