Safe Used Cars for Teen Drivers in Grand Junction CO

Safe Used Cars for Teen Drivers in Grand Junction CO

There are many challenges to being the parent of a teen driver. Your nerves are likely shot from slamming down on your imaginary brake pedal, and the whole not-knowing exactly where your child is at all times can be hard to get used to, to say the least.

Then there’s the issue your teen is probably most prone to bring up while you’re doing all the major hand-wringing: his or her own set of wheels. If that’s something you’re actively looking for together, then you know the whole safe-AND-affordable line is a tough one to walk. Luckily, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) issues an annual list of recommended used vehicles that meet both safety and affordability standards for a wide variety of families. This year’s list is in, and we’ve got a ton of safe used cars for teen drivers in Grand Junction CO right here at Western Slope Auto. Let’s see some of the Ford, Lincoln, and Toyota models that made the IIHS recommendation list: 

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  • Ford Taurus — 2010 or newer
  • Toyota Avalon — 2011 or newer
  • Ford Fusion — 2010 and newer
  • Toyota Prius v — 2012 and newer


  • Ford Escape — 2013 and newer
  • Toyota Rav4 — 2013 and newer
  • Ford Flex — 2010 and newer
  • Toyota Highlander — 2008 and newer
  • Toyota Venza — 2009 and newer
  • Ford Edge — 2011 and newer
  • Ford Explorer — 2011 and newer
  • Lincoln MKT — 2010 and newer


  • Toyota Sienna — 2011 and newer


  • Toyota Tundra crew cab (Double Cab) — 2007 and newer
  • Ford F-150 crew cab (SuperCrew) — 2011 and newer

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Whether you think your teen driver could benefit from a trusty car, versatile SUV, or even something on the bigger side like a minivan or pickup, there are plenty of affordable used Toyota and Ford models here at Western Slope Auto for you to check out and pick from. In addition, we carry many other models that made this year’s IIHS list from a wide variety of other automakers — The possibilities are quite extensive and we welcome you to visit our dealership or give us a call soon. You can let us know what your needs and budget look like and we’ll work tirelessly to find you the right match!