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Get the Most from Your Test Drive

Test Driving Tips

If you’re in the market for a new car, it can be intimidating to head to the your nearest dealership and ask for a test drive. At Western Slope Auto we want you to feel comfortable when you walk on our lot, and as such have come up with a few test driving tips to serve as a guide in finding your next vehicle. As one of the larger purchases you will make in your life, our friendly staff dedicates their efforts to customer service and helping you find the car for your needs.

Before you head to the dealership, doing your homework can help make you feel more confident about what you’d like to drive. Knowing whether you want an SUV, sedan or truck and whether you want to see a hybrid or not can make the process significantly easier.

Don’t know what type of vehicle you want? No problem. Our knowledgeable staff at Western Slope Auto can help you find the perfect fit based on your lifestyle and driving needs. You can also see our vehicle comparisons by checking out our blog.

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Taking The Test Drive

When you’re getting into the vehicle you’ve chosen to test drive, think about the how easy it is for you and passengers to get in and out. Once in the vehicle check out the gauges and display screens – are they easy to see and operate? It’s a good idea too, to bring along your iPod or sync your phone with the vehicle’s Bluetooth or entertainment system to see how the stereo sounds and how easy it is to control your device.
test driving tips Western Slope Auto Grand Junction, CO

Now you’re ready to hit the road. Follow these tips to get the most from your time on the road:

Test drive on a variety of road conditions.

Make sure to drive on the road you will be driving on a daily basis.

Take several corners to see how the vehicle reacts to abrupt stops or changes in direction.

Drive on the highway to determine whether the vehicle can get up to speed to safely merge with traffic.

If you would like to schedule a test drive with one of our new Ford, Lincoln or Toyota models visit Western Slope Auto in Grand Junction, CO.