Take on winter road conditions with ease

3 SUVs for winter driving

2014 Toyota 4Runner offers impressive handling on winter roads.

Top 3 SUVs for winter driving

Winter driving can be dangerous sometimes if you don’t have a vehicle that can tackle the road conditions that come with the ice cold weather and blustery conditions.  To help you make it through winter safely, Western Slope Auto carries a huge inventory of SUVs that offer four-wheel and all-wheel drive so you can take on winter driving conditions with ease and confidence.  Here is a list of the top 3 SUVS for winter driving in Grand Junction, CO that are available at Western Slope Auto.

  1. Top 3 SUVs for winter

    2014 Ford Edge helps you take on winter roads safely.

    2014 Ford Edge in Grand Junction, CO is one of the top SUVs for taking on winter road conditions and offers a wealth of safety features as well as the availability of all-wheel drive.  It’ available intelligent all-wheel drive reacts to wheel-slip and delivers the perfect amount of torque to the wheels that need it the most. Stay focused on the road and let the traction of all-wheel drive in the 2014 Ford Edge get you home safely.

  2. 2014 Lincoln MKX in Grand Junction, CO gives drivers the safety of all-wheel drive and a luxurious interior so they can get through all of the winter storms in comfort.  The optional intelligent all-wheel drive in the 2014 Lincoln MKX helps give this luxury SUV enhanced traction while also providing impressive performance and incredible handling.  If you want better performance and handling in snow and ice then check out the new Lincoln MKX.
    2014 Lincoln MKX

    2014 Lincoln MKX gives you luxury and all-wheel drive.

  3. 2014 Toyota 4Runner in Grand Junction, CO offers two different four-wheel drive systems that give drivers the ultimate control on winter roads.  The SR5 four-wheel drive and Trail models use a part-time four-wheel drive system with active traction control, while the Toyota 4Runner Limited Edition with four-wheel drive comes equipped with a full-time four-wheel drive system.

If you are looking for the ultimate vehicle that can handle all of the road conditions that winter can bring stop down to Western Slope Auto and let our professional sales staff help you find the perfect SUV for you.