What is the meaning of the Toyota logo?

When people think about the Toyota brand, things like quality, technological innovation and reliability come to mind. Toyota has a rich and deep history of producing high-quality cars for many generations. Befitting a car company with such a rich history, the memorable logo on Toyota vehicles carries a deep meaning on several levels.  

Origin of the Toyota Logo 

The origin of the current Toyota logo dates back to 1989, and it was introduced to commemorate the 50th year anniversary of the company. This distinctive logo includes three ovals that are combined in a horizontally symmetrical configuration. The two perpendicular ovals inside the larger oval represent the heart of the customer and the heart of the company. They are overlapped to represent a mutually beneficial relationship and trust between each other. 

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Origin of the Toyota Logo The overlapping of the two perpendicular ovals inside the outer oval symbolize “T” for Toyota, as well as a steering wheel, representing the vehicle itself. The outer oval symbolizes the world embracing Toyota. Each oval is contoured with different stroke thicknesses, similar to the “brush” art known in Japanese culture. The space in the background within the logo exhibits the “infinite values” which Toyota conveys to its customers: superb quality, value beyond expectation, joy of driving, innovation and integrity in safety, the environment and social responsibility. 

Different Versions of the Toyota Logo 

Toyota went through several incarnations of logo designs over the course of its history. The emblem on the model AA, Toyota’s first passenger car, featured a hood ornament with wings to convey speed. This logo included the word Toyoda (the original name of the company) on a red and blue background. The current Toyota logo, which debuted in 1989 on their luxury model, Celsior, was unprecedented for its time in that it was clearly perceptible from both head on and through the rearview mirror. 

The Toyota logo is widely recognized as the symbol of Toyota. When people around the world see this logo, they immediately associate it with cars of exceptional quality. If you live in Western Colorado and would like to experience the quality of a Toyota vehicle for yourself, then feel free to get in touch with us at Western Slope Auto.