What is Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA)?

Toyota has long been viewed as the gold standard for not only their reliable and durable cars, but also for their highly efficient and effective manufacturing systems. Thanks to their innovative production practices, Toyota has given the world such manufacturing concepts as “just-in-time-inventory” and “continuous improvement.” With the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) — which is being utilized for the all-new 2018 Toyota Camry — Toyota is once again revolutionizing automotive manufacturing. 

Making Better Cars with TNGA 

To greatly improve vehicle performance and product appeal, Toyota is implementing TNGA, which is an innovative, integrated development approach for powertrain components and vehicle platforms. Development of vehicles is also being grouped to promote strategic sharing of parts and powertrain components with the goal of reducing resources required for development by 20 percent or more. Also, by working even closer with suppliers, Toyota is reducing costs and reinvesting the resulting resources into developing advanced technologies and strengthening product appeal. 

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New Powertrain Components and Vehicle Platforms for TNGA

Toyota New Global Architecture TNGA and 2018 Toyota CamryTo enhance driving performance and fuel efficiency, while also giving vehicles more attractive styling and improved handling, Toyota is focusing on joint development of powertrains and platforms together to create a lower center of gravity, make components lighter and more compact and apply unified design through modularization. This results in more attractive, low-stance designs, responsive handling, a high-quality drive feel and collision performance that offers a higher level of safety. Also, by rethinking body structure, Toyota plans to initially increase overall body rigidity by as much as 30 to 65 percent. 

TNGA and Improvements to Toyota’s Production Systems 

To increase product appeal, Toyota is developing production technologies that will make it easier than ever to turn new designs and features into reality. This includes increasing the versatility of plants and facilities, reducing investment needed to produce new models, increasing plant competitiveness and improvements in the field of product engineering. 

How do consumers benefit from TNGA? 

As far as what this means for consumers, TNGA will result in higher-quality cars that are more responsive to the demands of the automotive-buying public and advances in automotive technology. Also, given the increased versatility and efficiency of TNGA, it will also contribute to keeping down the cost of Toyota vehicles. Additionally, TNGA will undoubtedly impact mass-car building for the entire automotive industry, as other automakers will likely try to adopt many of the successful practices of TNGA. 

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